About Us

Let's talk about jewellery

Blaack Fox /blææk/•/fɒks/

Based in Singapore, founded by 2 pairs of hand endless hours in front of a computer screen, Blaack Fox aims to offer everything you need for a finishing touch of brilliant seasons without burning a hole in your pocket. From edgy to feminine and unique women jewellery, we bring you an easy-peasy combination without the fuss of putting an outfit together.

Blaack Fox also carries premium quality accessories such as 18k & 24k plated, 925 silver, stainless steel for the hypoallergenic customer. However, it's advisable to apply antibiotic cream before wearing it for the 1st time. Don't have that? No worries, as alternatively, you may also apply a nail enamel trick for extra protection.

Care tip:
Fashion jewellery made from metal and alloys need extra attention, please do not have any contact with water, sweet perfume. Apply a thin coat of clear nail varnish and store your jewellery separately in a plastic bag so it will last longer.

Blaack Fox also promises to update new arrivals bi-weekly basis where shoppers may anticipate the latest trend designs and handmade designer pieces from our new arrivals. Don’t forget to grab one or more for yourself, you know how much you want them!  Uh-huh, that’s what we thought.



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